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Milestones of the First Century of Flight

From the Foreword by John W. Douglass, President and CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association of America, Inc.:

    "In Milestones of the First Century of Flight, the people and the machines they invented, have been singled out for recognition because their achievements advance the art of aerospace. They believed they could accomplish things that everyone else said could not be done. The risks they took often seemed reckless -- and perhaps some were, but most were inspired by a unique blend of courage, inspiration, and solid engineering."

Also from the Foreword:

    "The second century of flight promises the potential to carry mankind to the planets and beyond. Like the first century, we are likely to be limited only by our courage, our inspiration, and our engineering."


Fort Myer, Virginia, September 1908. Orville Wright demonstrates the Wright Flyer to the U.S. Army. (National Archives.)