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Clif's Recent Activities

Variety of Communications


Clif is based in Northern Virginia. He focuses mainly on communications activties in the defense and aerospace sectors, both current and historical. He and his team write, design, and package illsutrated non-fiction books. Samples of a few books appear on this site.

Clif's products and services aim to satisfy and reinforce the communication needs of clients in corporations, associations, and government. Besides non-fiction books, the products and services offered to clients are among these:

  • Media relations
  • Strategic communications planning
  • Feature articles
  • Executive speeches
  • Anniversary commemorations
  • Special events
  • Documentary videos

Recent Project
From October 2005 tthrough May 2016, Clif's team reinforced the public awareness and outreach activities of the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC).

ABMC operates and maintains 26 American cemeteries and 29 memorials, monuments, and markers in 16 foreign countries. Its activities commemorate the service and sacrifice of America's armed forces since our nation's entry into World War I. Max Cleland, then the Commission's Secretary, presented its Vision Statement to Congress in 2016:

 To serve the public by preserving our commemorative sites to an exceptional standard,

developing our cultural and historical resources, and telling the story of those we honor.

Our vision statement originates from the words of our first Chairman, General of the

Armies John J. Pershing: "Time will not dim the glory of their deeds."


The visitor brochures are produced in English and one or more foreign languages. The choice of languages is based upon the countries where the ABMC sites are located, and also upon the nationalities of visitors to the sites. The foreign languages include these: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Spanish, and Tagalog.


The visitor brochures may be viewed on the ABMC website. The website is an excellent source of information about the Commission's activities in support of its vision, and for learning about the Americans interred and memorialized at the locations, and also about the conflicts in which they served.